Adventures in Urban Mysticism: While The Band’s A Playin’

Today was rather magical, albeit all days are magic and all moments are as well because life is.  I suppose I paid more attention today than I did recently.  Or maybe it was more magical…  Does the plot thicken?  Let’s review the facts.

Fact: Met a Chiropractor from San Francisco the other day.

Fact: Met a Chiropractor from San Francisco last September while in New York.

Fact: Grace Cathedral was a healing place for me.  It’s in San Francisco.

Fact: Chiropractor number one, who I met as number two, lives near Grace Cathedral.

Fact: Met a young woman today from New York tonight.

Fact: Met a giant rat sitting on the shoulder of a gentlemen in the market this afternoon.

Fact: New York has the MET and I wrote about King Snacks in my children of all ages tale: The Tales of Mr. E. and The King earlier today.

Fact: Adya told me I’d meet stars tonight.

Fact: Met a Psychic from Hollywood who owns The Gypsy Tea Room.  Her name is Crystal.

Fact: My magical PT is also named Crystal, whom I went to college with, was a PT for Adya, who also told me to go do a labyrinth, which I did… at Grace Cathedral, which reminded me alot of St. Patrick’s Cathedral…

Anyhow, those are just the facts to things that seemingly mean nothing to anyone but me.  Point being, life is magical if you know how to pay attention and put the pieces together.


One thought on “Adventures in Urban Mysticism: While The Band’s A Playin’

  1. And St. Patrick’s Cathedral is in New York City, which I saw in a vision, prior to going there. Oh how the plot thickens…

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