Observe and Report

A few years back, a movie, Observe and Report, starring Seth Rogen, was released and for whatever reason, I totally vibed on it.  Observe and Report has to be one of the oddest movies that I have seen, like a dark Napoleon Dynamite, but I think I finally figured out why I liked it…

I liked the title.  Plain and simple, it spoke to me, maybe it’s commanded me.  As I go through life and observe all around, see the giant, ever unfolding, walking meditation at play, I can’t help but report.  I suppose because it seems so many of us want to relate to what is going on and find the meaning.  And regardless of anyone else, it is who I am.

I’ve always seen the meaning, sometimes after the fact, sometimes I denied it, but I always saw meaning in what I experienced.  One of the most common things I get from people is: wow, I thought I was a deep thinker, but you take it further.  I do this, in that I tend to present things in a way that people haven’t thought before, not necessarily that I’m uncovering anything new but I feel like my role is to share and why not.

The Buddha said that there can be a life without suffering and still filled with pain.  I have felt angry, sad, rage, jaded many times in recent weeks.  But I don’t suffer because of it.  I watch it.  I see each seated at the same table with Love, Joy, etc. and I enjoy it all.  I enjoy each experience because it is teaching me so much each day, sometimes many points of expansion throughout.  It is so odd for me to report that I observe each feeling as I go through it because I used to hate feeling.  Today I feel okay about that.  I feel okay feeling what I do because I am able to observe it.

Thank you for the opportunity to Observe and Report regarding this beautiful mess of a messy beauty.

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